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Going to start posting more often, geez. This has been an unbelievably long hiatus. I like this better than tumblr, always have tbh.
Let's see, what am I into nowadays:
  • Excited to watch the anime 91
  • Currently watching the anime Yona of the Dawn
  • Occasionally dabbling in Mainichi Kaasan/Mom's Life, as well as Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Finally caved and downloaded Pokemon Go so I can wander with the husband
  • I got married last October, did I tell y'all that? EDIT: I guess I did!
  • Trying to figure out the course of my life, what to keep and get rid of, who to put up with and who to reconnect with, what to do when life changes in a big way.

See ya later! It's a great day!

New Year, New Me.

Lots of personal crap happening this year.

I got married, I'm losing weight on purpose, I'm re-joining all the forums and sites I was missing.

I'd like to get back into cosplay, learn Japanese finally, and keep improving my cooking skills.

Good times have been had so far.


Oh, it's so strange to be alive.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Hi lovelies, I just finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes and it was delightful.
My favorite characters were in order Reuenthal, Oberstein, Reinhard, and Fahrenheit was pretty. I had a hilarious affinity for Mittermeyer and Kessler. Ugh my anti-virus is updating so it's making my typing experience glacial. Thsi is sooo annoying, I think I will properly update y'all on LoGH at another time.

Night Raid 1931

This series was short, sweet, and attractive. If you like history, whodunits, fantastic ensemble casts, and misunderstandings, then pull up a chair. You're going to be here awhile.

Aoi Miyoshi - voiced by Greg Ayres, this wild yet amiable young man is very capable and energetic.
Kazura Iha - voiced by John Gremillion, he is the foil to Aoi in nearly every way. Calculated, militaristic, and level-headed, he picks up any pieces and gives Aoi an earful every time he strays.
Yukina Sonogi - voiced by Brittney Karbowski, this young woman is a team player, willing to help as much as she can at every turn. Despite her efforts, does her past still haunt her?
Natsume Kagiya - voiced by David Wald, this intimidating, tall protector is incredibly loyal to Yukina and his strong silence aids the group tremendously.

The real kicker? They all have paranormal abilities. And in the recent war zones of mainland China, this group is going to need all the help they can get, while they follow the orders given to the their employer, the Sakurai Agency.

This rundown is a little dry, but Kazura is hands-DOWN my favorite, with Natsume coming in a close second. Aoi and Yukina make it really fun to watch!

Lazy butt, lazy butt, oh lazy butt...

I haven't posted since like, ever. Tumblr has consumed my life and I long for the relatively organized threads of LJ. So I have returned!

I've been watching Pushing Daisies [just finished], and I am in the midst of reading Dengeki Daisy by Kyousuke Motomi. Planning on giving Vampire Princess Miyu a chance - dark and elegant never hurt anyone. As far as other recent fandom things, I saw Wolf Children for David Matranga and came to an unexpected appreciation of Colleen Clinkenbeard. Apparently Kari Wahlgren isn't the only female VA I enjoy! I am the proud owner of Night Raid 1931 after finding it at a Fry's Electronics for a reasonable price. What a fun, underappreciated series. I should devote another post to them.

Another time! *waves*

AnimeCentral 2013

This was a lovely romp, we did the Ember Island Players' Panel of Korra, a funny and oversimplified version of the first season of Legend of Korra. Basically like the Ember Island play from the original A:tLA.

Cosplays included:

-Akio Ohtori [Revolutionary Girl Utena]

-Sha Gojyo [Saiyuki artbook- Backgammon 3]

-Light Yagami [Death Note]

-Mako [Legend of Korra, many thanks to Loki for use of the costume itself]

We had a darling time and it was really fantastic. Wheee~

Rewatching Escaflowne.

And it's amazing. And of course, Allen and Dryden don't get along. But I wish they'd talk to each other more because, hello? Shinichiro Miki talking to Kosugi Jurota? Yes PLEASE!


Okay, so let me just be honest with y'all and confess that I have rekindled my love for BUCK-TICK, B-T, Atsushi-chama's babypet, whatever you wanna call it. I was just shuffling my iPod one day and "Love Letter" came on, so then I had to listen to "La Vie en Rose", "RENDEZVOUS" and "Kourin". Ahhhh. I couldn't stop.

I watched the "Love Letter" PV today and it was hilariously Myspacey and special XD So was the Atsushi insider video that interviewed the other bandmates [more than one looked like he wanted to take a nap] about their fearless leader. No matter how silly I felt, I still wanted to snag some liquid liner and paint a big old "B-T" under my left eye.

On a personal note, I'll be working out all through the month of February and making an effort to be as healthy as possible. If I can do that, I'll reward myself with a homemade BUCK-TICK shirt or item [messenger bag, pins, etc.]. I'm so excited.

Appleseed Love Fest.

So, after at least 4 or 5 attempts to sit down and watch it, I finally finished Appleseed: Ex Machina and it was delightful! Tereus's appearance reminds me of Final Fantasy guys[..although I don't know FF characters well enough to make any real comparisons...Laguna? Angeal?].

Of course, then it was time to rewatch the original Appleseed and revel in the nostalgia. Briareos gets a warmer, more loving and playful treatment throughout Ex Machina, I noticed. Most of the original Appleseed, he's brooding about losing his body and doubting his relationship with Deunan because of it. Since the original Appleseed focused on Deunan, Ex Machina focuses on Briareos, his steeled sense of duty, and how irreplaceable he is in Deunan's life.

A note on voice acting: Briareos in the original Appleseed is my beloved Kosugi Jurota-chama, and he is played by Koichi Yamadera [Spike Spiegel/Cowboy Bebop, et al.] in Ex Machina. Since Briareos needed to sound definitely military and manage both brusque and caring attitudes in the original, Kosugi Jurota was the perfect choice. Actually, I didn't miss him in Ex Machina. Truthfully, it's a different movie, and Briareos has grown and changed. He does a much better job of facing his fears head-on [and even with some humor!] than he used to. Yamadera-san did an excellent job with this particular aspect of the role.

On to English! More difficult to do with Ex Machina because I got Sentai Filmworks' multi-language copy somehow.. instead of switching easily between English and Japanese and possibly an audio commentary, I had to wade through Spanish, Chinese, and a couple other languages in between. @_@;

David Matranga is Briareos in Ex Machina...and Illich Guardiola is Tereus. I don't think I can watch this all the way through in English, but I'll have to. Sanzo and Gojyo actually doing a knock-down-drag-out is something my fangirl heart must experience.

As much as I make these comparisons, each of these dub actors have a great range. David sounds more gruff than I've ever heard him, and Illich has a colder tone than usual.. Which is appropriate, as he's portraying a bioroid [genetically engineered humans that have suppressed emotions like love and hatred that lead to conflict].

Definitely a pair of classics here, with high rewatch value. I'm so excited to rewatch in English...

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